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What’s Happening at Kingston Ear Institute?

IICIn March and April, Dougal Bale (vestibular physiotherapist) and Allison De La Lis (audiologist) participated in the Kingston Frontenac Public Library’s Health Compass series.

Dougal led a session introducing the basic anatomy and function of the vestibular system, and common conditions that can produce dizziness, vertigo, visual disturbance, and imbalance. He explained that although the complex organs of the inner ear can easily be overlooked, they contribute to a wide range of critical tasks from balance to vision to cognition. Dougal also discussed how the vestibular rehabilitation physiotherapy services he provides at Kingston Ear Institute can play an integral role in helping individuals affected by dizziness and balance disorders to continue to participate in the daily living activities that are vital to their wellbeing.

Allison led two sessions as part of the Health Compass series. The first session focused on the anatomy of the ear and understanding how sound moves through the auditory system. This session also discussed some causes of hearing loss, the different types of hearing loss, as well as use of hearing protection to reduce the impact of loud noise on our ears. The second session explored options for treating hearing loss. These options included the use of hearing aids, as well as surgically implanted devices that might be appropriate when conventional hearing aids are not an option.

The team at Kingston Ear Institute was excited to be invited to participate in the Health Compass series hosted by the Kingston Frontenac Public Library and welcomes anyone with questions related to the ear to contact our clinic at 613-650-1545.