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Transparent Pricing

Kingston Ear InstituteTM believes it is a patient’s right to know all the details of the costs of healthcare services before the service is provided. We believe this will allow patients to make an informed choice about their care, and pursue care at the location and with the provider of their choice. For services with a charge, we will make every effort to work with any third-party insurance/coverage plan you have.

Our institute’s pricing information:

Otology/Neurotology physician/surgeon consultation: No charge to the patient. All physician services (including consultation, procedures/surgery, hearing/vestibular tests) and services ordered at other facilities as part of your care (including lab work, X-ray/CT/MRI imaging) is billed to the publicly-funded Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP).

Audiometric Testing (hearing test): No charge to the patient (billed to OHIP)

Audiological Services (including hearing aid troubleshooting, dispensing): Pricing for these services varies based on the service and device type. All pricing will be provided prior to providing the service/device. To obtain the specific details and pricing, please call the clinic (613-650-1545) to speak with our audiologist, or use the “Request a Consultation” button at the top-right of this page to arrange to meet with our audiologist.

Vestibular assessment/rehabilitation physiotherapy: New patient visit $140 (75min), repeat patient visit $75 (45min).