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Wait Times

A founding principle of Kingston Ear InstituteTM is that patients pay for the publicly funded healthcare system, and they deserve a system that works for them. Wait time reduction is a critical component of providing high-quality care. Kingston Ear InstituteTM has significantly reduced wait times and believes in transparency to better inform your choice of healthcare providers.

Our institute’s wait times to see a healthcare provider:

Otology/Neurotology physician/surgeon elective consultation: Less than 6 months from receipt of referral.

Urgent Otology/Neurotology referrals are seen same-day. Please have your physician/primary care provider call the clinic directly (613-650-1545) to coordinate the visit with the physician.

Audiometric Testing (hearing test): Less than 2 weeks.

Audiological Services (including hearing aid troubleshooting, dispensing): Less than 1 week. Same-day on patient request.

Vestibular assessment/rehabilitation physiotherapy: Less than 2 weeks.