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1473 John Counter Blvd #204
Kingston, ON K7M 8Z6

Phone: (613) 650-1545
Fax: (613) 531-0674

Patient Referrals

  1. Kingston Ear InstituteTM is proud of our short wait times for access to subspecialized ear healthcare.
  2. Most services at our institute are available without a referral (hearing test, hearing aids evaluation, vestibular/balance physiotherapy). Please call us directly to schedule. Phone: (613) 650-1545
  3. For appointments to see Dr. J. Beyea, please have your physician fax a referral. Fax: (613) 531-0674
  4. Our institute specializes in disorders of the ear. Unfortunately, we do not accept referrals for non-ear related conditions in Otolaryngology, such as nasal congestion, tonsil stones, or neck masses.

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