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Kingston Ear InstituteTM offers complete hearing assessments (a hearing test) to individuals over the age of 4 years old. To schedule a hearing assessment, you can call our office directly at 613-650-1545. A referral is not needed for adults, but is required for children under 18 years of age. There is no charge to you for this assessment.

What’s involved in a hearing test?

  • A hearing healthcare professional will check your ears to ensure they are not occluded with earwax or debris, and will also assess the appearance of your eardrum
  • The mobility of the eardrum is evaluated
  • You will be asked to repeat words that are presented at both softer and louder volume levels
  • The assessment of hearing is completed using an audiometer (a device that presents sounds).  Foam insert earplugs or headphones are placed on the ears, and a series of tones are played.  When you hear the tone, you press a button.  The healthcare professional assessing your hearing records the softest level at which you can hear each of these tones in each ear.  This procedure produces a graph of your hearing called an audiogram.  An audiologist will discuss what this graph means in terms of your ability to hear speech and environmental sounds
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